Our Approach

Claudia Da Ponte is a Vancouver, BC based fashion stylist and costume designer. She knew from a young age that fashion was her passion. She spent a lot of time growing up in Europe and was exposed to a variety of styles and cultures that she incorporates into her style today. After being inspired by a Coco Chanel book, Da Ponte attended the Vancouver Art Institute for Fashion Design and Merchandising and went on to graduate from Blanche Macdonald with a diploma in Fashion Merchandising. However, she believes that you are born with a sense of style and that it is something that cannot be taught. Rick Alyea's "That One Night" served as Da Ponte's first feature film as costume designer. She has worked on various photoshoots, films, print ads, fashion shows, and theatre productions. She specializes in fashion editorial, commercial print, film, personal styling, event coordination, and theatre work.


Our Story

View Claudia Da Ponte's IMDB Resume here.


Styling Client List:

2:The Magazine For Couples, 54-40, Agam Darshi, Ali Liebert, Ambulance Paramedics Of BC, AsianWave Magazine, Assignment Fashion, Bazinga, Athene Films, Baker twins, BCGEU, Bisous Magazine, Blanche MacDonald Centre, Brendalyn Avender, Campus Life Magazine, Chatter Records, Contra Magazine, Coquitlam Centre, Compassionate Eye Foundation, Concord Pacific, Culture Magazine, Dan Payne, Dr Bernstein, Elisa King, Ella Shoes, Enbrel, Eric Solomon, Erin Cebula, ET Canada, Event Star, Express/West Coast Style TV Segments, Fame'd Magazine, Fantasticsmag, FCV Interactive, Finance Canada, Ford, French Spy, Goldtooth Creative, Good Human Productions, Harlequin, Haute Magazine, HC Legacy Media Inc, Hush Magazine, Image Source Stock Images, Immersion Creative, In Toronto Magazine, Indigo store,Jennifer Oleksiuk, Jericho Beach Entertainment,  Jess Moskaluke, Jessie Farrell, Jon Stagger, Jordan Doell, Karen Lee Batten, Kenton Magazine, Kristen Nash, Lanie Mcauley, Lost Highway Productions, Love Me Knots, Lucie Guest, Luxsure Magazine, Mackenzie Porter, Magpie Darling, Malene Grotrian, Marie Avgeropoulous, Melissa Rae Barrie, Metro Vancouver, Milano Swimwear, MS Society Of Canada, Nasco, Natalie Langston, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Nikki Niknam Designs, Noble Street Productions, NOHA, Noir Lash Lounge, Novus TV, OTM Zine, Pinkstix, Point Blank Creative, Pure Orange, Quest OutWest, Qispikay Bikinis, Raghav, Red Castle Films, Riveal Entertainment, Rockartel, Rogers Daytime Toronto, Roxy Design, Scopitone Films Ltd, Skate Canada, Smitten Designs, SocialShopper, Solis Magazine, Son Real, South Asian Woman Magazine, SPM Music, Steph Song, Storybubble, String Magazine, StyleCanvas, Stylelist, Suki's Hair Salon, Superior-Mag, Swanrock Jewels, TashaE Productions, Taylor James, Tea Moderna, Telus, Tesla Productions, Tide, The Deighton Cup, Three Piece Media, Toro Magazine, Tristan Thompson, TV Week Mag, Urban Weddings, Vancouver Magazine, Vancouver View, W25, Wedluxe, Yukon Winter Vodka, Yworld, Zara Durrani



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